Smurf - Turquoise Gold Bracelet
With the characteristics of turquoise blue and the embellishment of a little golden flower bead, this beautiful bracelet adds chicness and modernity to your style. It's perfect for layering with other bracelets or on its own. Turquoise is valued as...
$30.00 $26.00
Farida - Pearl Turquoise Silver Chain Double Bracelet
With the characteristics of turquoise's blue and serenity guardian from pearls,  this beautiful double-strand bracelet possesses a soft tone color palette and a design that elevates your presence. Turquoise is valued as a good emotional helper.
Chiya - Obsidian Charm Gypsum Crystal Bracelet
 This bracelet features a 14k gold-plated chain that connects a set of obsidian gemstones with adjustable loops decorated with Gypsum crystals. A mixture of black, white, and gold.
$25.00 $18.00
Cyane - Pearl Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet
With the characteristics from turquoise's blue and serenity guardian from pearls,  this beautiful bracelet possesses not only a soft tone color palette but also a design that elevates your presence. Paired with its necklace to shine your day.
$35.00 $25.00
Lavinia - Stretch Labradorite Gypsum Gemstone Bracelet
Hand-crafted bracelet lined with a mix of Gypsum gemstones and rock crystals with gold galvanized brass spacer beads on one end and labradorite gemstone on the other.  A classic style as well as an on-trend design to suit everyone.
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