Member rights statement

Hello dear members, thank you very much for visiting Heartfullnet Store. To best protect your rights, please be sure to read these terms carefully. By signing up for our membership or utilizing our services, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed with the contents contained within both this document and the  “Privacy Policy” document. By accepting these terms and all contents of the "Privacy Policy", you are deemed to have confirmed that you have read and agreed to the personal data protection notice and consent. If you do not agree to all or part of these terms, please do not register and stop using the service immediately. The specific content of this clause is as follows:

Membership Information

  1. Prior to using our services, you must provide your correct personal information and register to become a member of the store. This does not come with any costs. After registration, logging into our website will enable you to use our services and and participate in activities related to this service. If there is any change in your personal information, please update it immediately to to ensure your rights are enforced. If the member fails to update the personal information correctly, and fails to receive the relevant information such as membership rights, consumption discounts, activity content, etc. sent by the company, or the notification of change or termination of membership rights, consumption discounts, and activity content, the member agrees here In this case, it is deemed that the member has received such information or notice.
  2. If the filling of personal information is repeated, wrong or false, intentionally falsely using other people's names, infringing on others' name rights, company name exclusive rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights, or in violation of public order and good customs, government decrees, or damage The company's service purpose... etc., the company may refuse to register, and has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the member account, cancel the membership, and refuse to provide this service. The member shall not make any claim to the company and shall solely be held legally responsible if applicable.
  3. Privacy Protection Statement: Members' personal information is protected and regulated by Heartfullnet's privacy term.

Changes in service

Members acknowledge this company reserves the right to modify or terminate this service and terms at any time, which goes into effect after the initial public announcement of this company without further individual notice. The relationship between members and this company in regards to all services provided, as well as any rights and responsibilities will be enforced in accordance with the latest available version of this document.

Notice of store protection of personal information and agreement

In order to provide members with the most complete services and protect members' personal data, Heartfullnet, in compliance with personal data protection law, provides the following notice:

  1. The purpose of personal data collection, data categorization, period of usage, location, intended destination and method of access are intended to provide members with timely notices of various discounts, products, services, events and other updates, as well as effectively manage information, perform services and research, understand customer satisfaction, and analyze purchase patterns (This is henceforth known as “Purpose of Collection”).  Prior to the termination of the aforementioned Purpose of Collection, and prior to its achievement, Heartfullnet will, within necessary regions, collect, process, and use the information you provide from the membership registration including personal data, transaction and exchange data, or any additional information you agreed to provide after the initial registration.  Within the scope stated in the  aforementioned Purpose of Collection, Heartfullnet may provide your complete or partial personal information to partnering businesses. For example: when a member makes a purchase via our online service platform, this company relies on partnering with home delivery companies to deliver product(s) and any of its associated gift(s) to our customers. By completing an online transaction, members agree and authorizes Heartfullnet the right to provide their personal information (such as recipient name, phone number, address, etc) to delivery companies and other partnering businesses in order to complete the delivery of ordered product(s) and any of its associated gift(s).
  2. You agree to use digital documents as the method of enforcing and accepting the personal data protection law. If you do not agree to provide personal information, or requests a halt or deletion of data collection and/or its processing, you acknowledge Heartullnet may, as a result, be unable to verify the validity of membership, process any related requests or provide a complete online service. Thank you very much for your understanding.
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