Proper care can help ensure your jewelry remains in good condition over term.

Wearing Your Jewelry

  • Keep away from chemicals such as perfume and make-up. Limit exposure to liquids, such as hot baths or hot spring. Exposure to extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight should also be kept at a minimum. 
  • Always apply items like lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before putting on your jewelry. 
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when engaging in physical activities such as sports or gardening to prevent damage.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

  • Gently wipe off any makeup residue and skin oil with a clean, soft dry cloth after each wearing.
  • For gemstones or pearls, do not immerse in water, as this can loosen some settings. Never submerge in cleaning agents or use abrasives cleaners on gemstones.
  • Do not immerse your silver jewelry in substances like chlorine, salt water, mineral springs or suntan lotion.
  • Use a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth to maintain your sterling silver jewelry.

Storing Your Jewelry

  • Store in a fabric-lined box, separately or individually-wrapped in microfiber cloth to prevent scratches.
  • For sterling silver jewelry, wrap the piece in jeweler’s paper and place it inside a plastic zipper bag when not wearing to slow tarnish from developing.  
  • Please note that pearls and opals should be stored in fabric instead of plastic.
  • Avoid storing or wearing your gemstones and pearls in locations that receive extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid storing or wearing your silver jewelry in environments where the air has a high salt content.
  • You may also store your pieces in a jewelry box to keep them away from moisture, dirt, and other tarnish.
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